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Who thought you could create a harm minimization global empire with a sustainable business model?
Animator and Entrepreneur, Fiona Percival  
She talked with teenagers all over the world.  Nothing much had changed since she was a girl, they got fucked up and fucked and fucked over.
No one made them stuff that was authentically about them and their worlds. 
Outside the usual do-gooder rhetoric, no one gave them useful tips on how to survive those treacherous years for fear of encouraging dangerous behaviour.  And so kids still die, still get raped, get assaulted and still get into violent relationships.  And still no one makes stuff that really reflects their lives. 
Fiona and her team have created a platform to tell it like it is with humor, passion and true insight.  They are making animation for streaming networks, mobile apps and a suite of games.  That media is a pipeline to teenagers for ideas and ethical products.
The passionate yopunky team has done all this on small change, mainly from private investors who believe in the vision and some grant money to make the multi-award-winning festival film, dont f with me. The film was made with teenagers all over the world, voice actors from the US, India, New Zealand and Australia. It was shot on an Iphone and made with the refreshingly low tech paper and cardboard, recycled of course.
This company is on the runway.  Please join us to get this company into operating profit. 


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champion the world's first harm minimisation media pipeline with a sustainable business model

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