apps, games & an animated streaming series

inspiring teenagers to be brave, fierce, bold and confident

An animated series

Finally! A series branded for edgy teenage girls.  

dont f with me is about the growing power of a teenage girl gang. Punky, Goldy, Wicca and Bit$h, four lovable but flawed characters are empowered by music, technology and friendship to show the world, dont f with me. 

an animation app

Finally! dont f with me, the mobile online space, branded for the edgy teenager to make and share animated tips about surviving and thriving in a teenage only world. Warning; contains music, fashion, drinking and drugs.

mindless senseless games

Finally! Mobile games branded for the edgy teenage party girl.  


Endless runner style games.

Card games with intersectional characters.


And others that will make you ask, why the hell hasn't anyone done games like this before?


Party essentials - condoms, cosmetics, tee shirts, stickers and ethical licensing. Something for every budget.

Social media

You're a teenage girl - of course you want your phone to look this good. 


Spread the love/embrace intersectional rights/make girls smart, strong and fierce


A social media strategy championed by musicians, artists, actors and thought leaders that gets who teenagers really are.


May all your vibes say, I get why this is important. I wanna help.